1. Can your packages be adapted to our needs?

a. Sure can! Our packages are for guidance only, and we expect to alter to suit

every need.


2. Do you offer Pre-Wedding photo shoots?

a. Yes on all packages but a £35.00

charge is applicable


3. Is it possible to buy the copyright on our images?

a. All packages include the © of the images.


4. Your package states a maximun number of hours attending,

what happens if we run over?

a. Nothing at all, we accept not everything runs like clockwork.


5. What deposit is needed to book the wedding?

a. £150 for all packages.


6. I have seen other photographers offering packages half the

price, what makes you different.

a. Every photographer offers something different. What we

offer is premium products and a unique style of photography.

Our albums are truely magnificent and can be found used by

other photographers and they charge

over triple our prices!!


7. Can we finance our wedding photography?

a. Yes, give us a call for details.


8. How long does our album take to be delivered?

a. Depends but usually between 4 -6 weeks as they are made in Italy & New Zealand.


9. Can we order other products later?

a. Sure we keep the files for 2 years after but additional

albums can only be orded at the same time as the main unless its a new design.


10. Will family and friends be able to see our images?

a. Yes the images will be available on site, please

go to albums page.


11. We would love you to photograph our wedding, what do

we need to do?

a. Firstly the best thing to do is for us to meet up and discuss

your requirements, and for you to see our albums and let me

sculpture a package for your needs.