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Terms & Conditions



Booking fee


A booking fee of £150.00 for our packages 

The balance is payable no later than 4 weeks before your wedding day.




We will require a signed agreement when the deposit is made by you, which is a binding agreement which contracts us both to the said time and date of your wedding. A second signage maybe required on your wedding day to confirm you are happy with our attendance and the images taken.


We will endeavor to photograph all agreed photos, however we will not be responsible should we fail to photograph agreed photos due to conditions out of our control e.g. weather, missing guests, non attendance or wrong information given at time of booking or any other reason which we cannot forsee.


Image Rights


We reserve the right to use the images for our own advertising, either on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, brochures, fliers or websites etc. Unless requested otherwise by yourselves. Please make sure your request is before the day of your wedding.


Travel Expenses


There are no travel expenses while attending weddings within a 30-mile radius of our studio. For distances above 30 miles, a charge of 30p per mile will be charged.


Deposits & Cancellations


Deposits paid are non refundable if the booking is cancelled by the client. If the booking has to be postponed due to circumstances beyond the control of the client, e.g. bereavement, Armed Forces posting, sickness etc., every effort will be made to carry the booking to another date. If this is not possible a refund of monies paid, less the deposit, will be made. The Full amount must be paid no later than 4 weeks before the wedding date; failure to pay by the agreed payment date will result in the booking being cancelled, with no return of the booking fee and diminished amounts return over the booking fee.




The customer has a 14-day cooling period from the time of booking to cancel the contract and receive a refund of the deposit. After this point the customer can cancel but will not be entitled to any refund. Should the client cancel after the full payment is made (less than 4 weeks), they are entitled to a quarter back for every week from 4 weeks.


4 Weeks to wedding = 3/4 of full amount not including deposit


3 Weeks to wedding = 1/2 of full amount not including deposit


2 Weeks to wedding = 1/4 of full amount not including deposit


1 Weeks to wedding = 0 amount refunded


This maybe evaluated upon certain circumstances, and amount maybe agreed by us.




Any complaints or damage concerning the final product must be reported within 3 days of receiving the product. After this time we will consider our part of the agreement complete.